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A Message from the President of The B.A.B.Y. Foundation

Each year families in America are faced with the reality of the rising cost of medical care. The B.A.B.Y Foundation was formed with the vision of helping Northern Colorado’s under-insured families with children facing medical challenges meet these costs.

Some families are faced with the difficult decision between paying household expenses or providing medical care for a sick child. This is where The B.A.B.Y Foundation steps in. We help to pay for medical bills, medicine, and therapies to help relieve the burden of the medical expenses and help the family feel some financial relief.

Thank you,

Trista Gangestad
President – The B.A.B.Y Foundation


Following an airlift to Children’s after birth, Liam spent 12 days in the NICU with EEG monitoring and the care of a neurologist. B.A.B.Y. was able to help his family with $5,339 toward his medical bills.

  • Congenitial Encepholopathy

  • 8 Months Old


After a difficult birth, Liam developed a hemorrhage on the back of his head. This resulted in multiple hospital visits, x-rays, ultrasounds and an admission to the PICU. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation was able to pay $3,000 of medical bills for Liam.

  • Subgaleal Hemorrhage & Torticollis

  • 1 Year Old


“Annabelle has a rare condition that causes (non-cancerous) tumors to grow all over her body. The location of some of these tumors has led to the need for a couple of surgeries. We are forever grateful for the financial assistance from The B.A.B.Y. Foundation to help us cover these expenses!”

  • Multiple Hereditary Exostoses

  • 13 years old


Livia experienced seizures a few days after birth and was transferred via Life Flight to Children’s in Denver where she spent 3 days undergoing tests and observation. B.A.B.Y. helped her family with these enormous expenses.


“We are so lucky to live in a community that provides quality care and services. We are also so lucky to have organizations like The B.A.B.Y. Foundation to assist families with the financial stress that comes along with the intricacies of the diagnosis of Down Syndrome.”

  • Trisomy 21

  • 1 Year Old

2 (1).jpg

Jackson was born with Hydronephrosis of his left Kidney. This has required multiple ultrasound appointments, which cost $1,000 each.

  • Hydronephrosis

  • 1 Year Old


“After 10 painful days, Eliana graduated from the NICU and could finally come home. We were very pleased with the care that she received and are very proud of our little girl.”


B.A.B.Y. assisted the Pak family with bills, including $35 for a chest x-ray.

  • Encephalopathy, hypoxic ischemia

  • 1 year old


Sabina is a 1 year old girl who suffered a stroke. B.A.B.Y. helped with Sabina’s extensive NICU bills.

A quote from the family:

“This is fantastic news thank you so much. This just made my day, week month!”


Due to his chromosome deletion, Leeland has a variety of medical issues and developmental challenges. He underwent open heart surgery at 4 months old to repair a large VSD. B.A.B.Y. was able to help the family with this and other medical bills for their son.

  • 22q.11 deletion

  • 2 Years Old


Gloria was taken to the ER after experiencing some respiratory issues. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation assisted her family with $1,661 for this ER visit.

  • Respiratory Issues

  • 4 years old


“The B.A.B.Y. Foundation was an immense help after our second child was born with meningitis and spent 23 days in the NICU. Today, Isabelle is doing amazing and has no side effects of her meningitis. Her hearing and eyesight are normal!”

  • Meningitis

  • 5 years old


After several days of high fever and low oxygen levels, Grayson was taken to the hospital and admitted for Bronchiolitis/Pneumonia. He also required an ambulance transfer to a different hospital with a pediatric unit. B.A.B.Y. helped the Shipp family with these costs.

  • Bronchiolitis/Pneumonia

  • 3 years old


Maverick has been through a battery of tests and therapies to identify a diagnosis for his symptoms. B.A.B.Y. assisted the Davis family with some of these bills including $456 for an emergency room visit.

  • Sensory processing disorder, failure to thrive, oral aversion, expressive language delay, food allergies

  • 4 years old


B.A.B.Y. assisted the family with William’s medical bills, including $494 for physical therapy.

  • Ventriculo-Peritoneal Shunt (VP Shunt) for Hydrocephalus, Dandy-Walker Syndrome, Plagiocephaly, Torticollis

  • 1 year old


At 25 months old, Rosie was diagnosed with a granulosa cell tumor on her ovaries. Doctors were able to remove the entire cancerous tumor and Rosie has recovered completely, although she will continue to need follow-up scans as there is a 10% chance of regrowth.

B.A.B.Y. assisted Rosie’s family with her bills including $1,500 for anesthesia.


Brooks was diagnosed shortly after birth with an extremely rare chromosome disorder. He spent weeks in the NICU and months on oxygen and several medications. B.A.B.Y. was able to help the Kvidera family cover those medical expenses so they could focus on caring for their son.


B.A.B.Y. assisted Brooks’ family with his bills, including $4,118 for one day of NICU care.​


Reagan underwent 2 different eye surgeries before she was even 10 weeks old to correct her congenital cataracts. She will have more surgeries in her future and needs routine updates to her contact lenses and glasses as she grows and develops.


Aubrey was in and out of Children’s Hospital for diagnosis and treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease last summer. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation assisted the Pederson’s with multiple bills, including $2,500 for anesthesia during a procedure.


“While we were prepared for the financial costs of starting a family, we were not expecting all the health complications we have experienced so far. With Wyatt being born in 2017 and going to NICU, then being in NICU again in 2018 we hit our out of pocket max in both years.”


Malia was treated for third degree burns at the burn center at Children’s in Denver after being struck by a firework on the 4th of July.


Landry suffered a lack of oxygen during her birth and underwent a 3-day long cooling treatment to reverse any potential brain damage and remained in the NICU for 10 days. The seizure monitoring during the cooling treatment cost the Piehlers $5,034, which The B.A.B.Y. Foundation covered. The treatment worked, and Landry’s brain recovered fully!


At 1 year old, Emerson was admitted to the hospital due to a high fever. She was examined and tested for a variety of things that turned out to be a Bilateral Ear Infection. The hospital stay and tests put both a huge financial strain on the family. B.A.B.Y. was able to help them with the nearly $4,000 in medical bills for their daughter.


“Because of the generosity of The B.A.B.Y. Foundation, we were able to focus on getting Kinsley her needed health assistance, and go to specialist appointments and the abundance of care she needed to thrive. We are so thankful for this foundation! Kinsley is now two years old and has overcome most obstacles. She's still working on growing and gaining weight, but she’s always smiling, and loves playing with her brother.”


“We are forever grateful for the help we received from The B.A.B.Y. Foundation during a very stressful and emotional time in our lives. Adelaide is a spunky little girl with an adventurous spirit. She loves to dance and it seems like she adds a new word to her vocabulary every day. Her surgery successfully repaired her diaphragm and she is expected to have no further complications!”


Because of his PFS in the left eye, Colton received a permanent shell eye, which allows him a normal appearance and for his facial bones to grow normally. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation helped the Cloward’s by paying $3,810 toward the cost of this device for Colton.


“Emily has been oxygen free since 2016! She is susceptible to colds and we don't get to leave the house until after cold and flu season, but she is thriving! She truly is amazing and interstitial lung disease just can't slow her down!”


Alexander began having mild seizures in the summer of 2017. With each seizure, he’s been transported to the ER via ambulance, had EEG’s performed and is now followed by Neurology at Children’s. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation has assisted the Wood’s with these medical bills.


Cayden is a 9 year old boy who has been on an incredible life journey. As a baby he successfully had a brain tumor removed. After removing the tumor, the doctors left a shunt in place to drain the brain fluid. Cayden is also faced with the challenges of percosis puberty and ADHD, but he has an unrelenting spirit to never give up.


Eva was admitted on 12/7/14 with Influenza A. Two days later, Eva passed away after going into to cardiac arrest. The virus (which we now know was H2N3) attacked her heart. Eva was also in and out of the McKee ER and in the Loveland pediatrics approximately 10 days prior with high fevers, which the doctors thought was just a virus.Eva will forever be alive in her family’s hearts. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.


"This is such wonderful news!!!!  I can't tell you how much of a weight is lifted off of our shoulders because of this. Thank you and the committee/ foundation so much for this wonderful gift.”


B.A.B.Y. assisted Bennett’s family with bills including $196 for home oxygen.

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome

  • 2 years old


“THIS IS AMAZING! Literally in tears! We are so thankful for your organization THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.” -The Shipp family


B.A.B.Y. assisted the Shipp family with Sawyer’s bills, including $113 for a chest x-ray.

  • Pneumonia/Bronchiolitis

  • 2 years old


The B.A.B.Y. Foundation assisted Olivia’s family with ER and ambulance bills related to her diagnosis of Iron Deficiency Anemia. B.A.B.Y. assisted Olivia’s family with her bills, including $1,156 for a CT scan.

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

  • 6 years old


Dakota began serial casting on her legs in November 2019 and had corrective surgery in January 2020. She will have to wear braces on her feet at night until she’s about 4 years old. B.A.B.Y. assisted the Rouse family with the $2,100 bill for this surgery, among other medical bills for Dakota.

  • Clubfoot, microgyria, bicuspid aortic valve

  • 1 year old


“We noticed Hadley’s eyes started crossing and our pediatrician recommended we have them looked at. It turned out she had a very common condition and a simple surgery could correct her vision. Hadley underwent this surgery in March 2021 and she is like a different child now!”


“Clyde took us by surprise when he was born 13 weeks early, weighing only 2lbs, 8oz. He spent 77 days in the NICU at Poudre Valley Hospital, receiving extensive care including respiratory support, feeding/nutrition and occupational therapy. He also had numerous tests and xrays performed. When he was discharged, he came home on oxygen and continues to have regular labs performed.”


Desirae spent 28 days in the NICU after her birth. During that time she underwent surgery to repair her intestines, and was monitored for a variety of things. B.A.B.Y. was able to help her family cover the $6,000 bill they received for Desirae’s NICU stay.


Tennison was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth and has needed various medical interventions and therapies related to this diagnosis. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation assisted the family with his bills, including $354 for an EKG.

  • Down syndrome, pulmonary hypertension, hypertrophy of the right side of the heart

  • 1 year old


“Oh my goodness! Thank you so much. I honestly don’t know what else I can say! I hope that one day we can meet everyone and thank you all in person! Again thank you so much!”


B.A.B.Y. assisted with Sagert family with Elysian’s bills, including $564 for an ultrasound.

  • Salmonella/Roseolla

  • 4 years old


Henry had surgery the day after he was born to close a hole in his diaphragm. His recovery was rough as his body learned how to expand his lungs, feed orally and be able to breath fully on his own. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation assisted the Rogakis family with his bills, including $966 for an ECHO with doppler.

  • Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

  • 1 year old


“You all are angels, I cannot say anything else about this foundation! True angels!! Thank you so very much!!”

B.A.B.Y. assisted Hayden’s family with her bills, including $3,745 for pathology.

  • Asthma, anomalous right coronary artery (heart defect), unknown kidney or abdominal disorder

  • 14 years old


“Penelope was diagnosed with several conditions and required Open Heart Surgery at birth, as well as a lengthy hospital stay. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation was able to help a lot, at a pretty difficult time.”


“We are so thankful for The B.A.B.Y Foundation. They lifted the financial burden of having a child with a rare disease.”

  • Propionic Acidemia

  • 4 years old


“Although Adler had a rough start coming into this beautiful world, he is now a healthy and happy boy.” The B.A.B.Y. Foundation assisted Adler’s family with a number of bills including $648 for an ECHO.


Anabelle suffered from various asthma and respiratory issues that led to numerous ER visits, hospital stays, medication and treatment. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation helped the Hodson family with these bills, including $6,205 for one of her hospital stays.


“The B.A.B.Y Foundation helped us out when we thought we would never make it through due to medical bills. Eli’s Synagis shots (to prevent severe onset of RSV) cost so much. Without the grant we received, he wouldn’t have gotten the medicine he needed.   Eli is now a happy, healthy five year old.  He has caught up developmentally to kids his age and is thriving.”


“Alyiah was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in July of 2016. We were drowning in medical bills and didn't know where to go for help, which is when we found B.A.B.Y. Recently Alyiah was hospitalized for diabetic ketoacidosis. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation covered these costs totaling $3,744 which included an ER visit, ambulance ride to Children’s and a stay in the ICU.”

Cecelia & Nathaniel

Cecelia & Nathaniel were born at 31 weeks and spent 39 days in the NICU at Poudre Valley Hospital. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation helped the Buffington’s with these bills, including $2314.19 for Cecelia’s care.


Ellory underwent 3 years of chemotherapy and, even with great medical insurance, the expense to her family was significant. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation covered $1,611 in chemotherapy bills for the Hansen family, among other bills. “Today Ellory is doing well. She excels at school and even is part of the talented and gifted program. She was also chosen to be an ambassador for Children's Hospital.”


Leo was born 2 months premature and spent 26 days in the NICU. He is now home and thriving, although he remains on oxygen and immunocompromised. “We are extremely thankful for how strong Leo is. We are forever grateful that The B.A.B.Y. Foundation was able to help our family with Leo’s medical bills. They allowed us to focus on being the best parents we can be for our Leo.”


Lillian was born at 31 weeks weighing 3 pounds and 6 ounces. Among other medical expenses, The B.A.B.Y. Foundation covered $1,322 towards neonatologist critical care for Lillian.


“Before Braylon’s first birthday, he had had numerous ECHOs, EKGs, an angiogram, a cardiac catheterization, 3 ambulance rides, hospital admittance, seizures, several blood draws, 4 specialists following him, genetic testing, outpatient PT and OT, an EEG, and a brain MRI. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation assisted us when all else seemed so overwhelmingly impossible.”


“We would like to thank The B.A.B.Y. Foundation for their generosity to our family when our Allie was in the NICU in Denver. Our Allie is skyrocketing through milestones... she currently works with physical and occupational therapy each week, and always continues to amaze us!”

Katy & Alex

“Katy and Alex were born at only 28 weeks gestation and spent 12 weeks in the NICU. We reached our out-of-pocket max for medical coverage twice in under 4 months.” The B.A.B.Y. Foundation picked up where the Currell’s insurance left off, covering $2,143 of the cost for Open Heart Surgery, in addition to other medical expenses they incurred.


“The B.A.B.Y. Foundation has helped us get caught up on medical bills so that we don’t have to stress and worry about it. Lincoln has been doing so well since his liver transplant. He has made huge progress in walking with the help of his walker. He also has been saying and signing more words.”


The B.A.B.Y. Foundation assisted the Dalbey family by paying $651 toward the bills for Avery’s Tonsillectomy.


At birth, it was discovered that Acey had some anatomical irregularities with her anus and she was transferred to Children’s in Denver for further evaluation. Acey is being followed by doctors at Children’s as she grows and may need surgery in the future.


Jovie was hospitalized twice one year for asthma-related breathing issues. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation assisted the Olson’s with these bills, including $2880 for a two-day hospital stay in November 2018.


The B.A.B.Y. Foundation assisted the Peterson’s by covering $1,900 for new hearing aids for Brayden that was beyond what insurance covered. These hearing aids are designed exclusively for kids and created the best learning environment possible.


“When our daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, the world drastically changed for our sweet 2 year old, who has now been forced to grow up way too fast.”


Amelia is currently in Stage 4 of Chronic Kidney Disease. Since her diagnosis, she has had an EKG, Ultrasound and numerous lab tests and it’s anticipated that she will need a Kidney Transplant soon. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation helped the Clarks by covering Amelia’s medical bills, including $961 for lab work.


“Emily has been oxygen free since 2016! She is susceptible to colds and we don't get to leave the house until after cold and flu season, but she is thriving! She truly is amazing and interstitial lung disease just can't slow her down!”


West Syndrome or infantile spasms, is a devastating form of Epilepsy. At less than a year old Colton was diagnosed with this syndrome and it meant that Colton would never progress normally. After being diagnosed he and his family spent 4 days at the hospital, while his 30,000 dollar treatment was started. Thankfully, the treatment worked and the spasms are currently under control.


Barrett has been diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), aortic stenosis and a paralyzed left vocal cord. He has been through multiple open heart surgeries in Boston and countless amounts of other treatment and procedures. Even through all of the pain and discomfort that Barrett has endured, he still lights up the room with his smile and happiness. 


Aaron is a Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) patient who underwent two of his three surgeries to reconstruct his heart, during the first four months of life in 2011. Aaron’s brain has experienced trauma as a result of his third heart surgery. While Aaron has shown significant progress since his surgery he and his family are continuing to work with multiple types of therapy (PT, OT, Speech Therapy & Vision Therapy)


Sarah was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer in which she needed to receive treatment for. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation was able to assist in payments for these treatments.


Elisabeth was born with Diamond-Blackfan Anemia. Diamond-Blackfan Anemia is a disorder of the bone marrow. Bone marrow functions to produce red blood cells, which carry oxygen to tissues throughout your body. Without these cells, tissues in the body will suffocate causing severe damage to vital organs. Treatment initially includes steroids followed by routine red blood cell transfusions to non-responders.

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