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Our Committee

The B.A.B.Y. Foundation is 100% staffed by Volunteers. Our committee includes doctors, industry professionals and many other dedicated individuals. We all work together to provide aide to families in Northern Colorado.

Trista Gangestad – President

Heather Smallwood - Treasurer

Annabelle Rusco - Secretary

Michelle Wicke – Donations Director

Christina Rusco – Donations Director

Kaley Bell - Gala Director

Erin Veile – Gala Design Director

Amanda Meads – Grant/Fundraising Coordinator

Brittany Weber – Applications Liaison

Lyndsey Long – Applications Liaison

Michaela Pariseau – Graphic Design

Hallie Dantzler – Social Media Coordinator

Madison Grahn – Social Media Coordinator
Melissa Jackson – Website Designer

Tina Bunn – Website Designer

Lindsay Wicke - Immediate Past President

Bridget Brown – Past President
Dee Arellano
Kassey Braun
Lee Bliss

Katie Armstrong

Brooklyn Rusco

Sarah Lesko

Mely Carrillo

Rebecca Kirk

Judy Harden

Rachel Sams

Robyn Reisch

Josie Ringlein
Emily Fawaz

Mary Baker

Kristen Wolf

Vanessa Bouchard


“Having served various positions on our committee, it is my honor to serve The B.A.B.Y. Foundation as president.  When a family is forced to face the challenge of having a sick child, the last thing they should need to worry about is money.  My goal is to help relieve as much financial stress as possible for families so they can save all of their energy for their children.”

                     Trista Gangestad - President

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